If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, you know there’s a municipal election in October. If the Arts matter to you, you’ll want to follow the #yegvotesarts campaign, an initiative of the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE).  This non-partisan campaign is following all the candidates for Mayor, Councillors and School Board trustees, asking them what their vision for the Arts in the lives of Edmontonians will be if they were elected.

Check out answers to the candidate survey on the arts via PACE’s website, facebook page, twitter feed, and on tumblr. There’s even a great button – see above – that you can find at various locations around town, such as the Fringe and Alberta Ballet’s office!

Some of the candidates have even endorsed or highlighted the campaign. Don Iveson, a mayoral candidate has been seen wearing the #yegvotesarts button, Ward 7 candidate Mimi Williams has given it a “thumbs up” on her campaign facebook page, and Ward 3 candidate David Dodge has endorsed the campaign as well.

The Arts are a vital part of community vitality and resiliency and play an important role in making Edmonton a great place to live, work and play. Get involved or show your support by following the campaign using the hashtag #yegvotesarts.


What’s it all about?

This may seem like an odd blog. Some days it’s about knitting, some days it’s about managing or advocating for the Arts, some days it’s seemingly random thoughts on creativity.

It’s About the Art is about all of these things, because all of these things, to me at least, are about the Art. The Arts are everything to me. I believe that life without Art isn’t really life. The Arts are our interpretation and expression of our world. They provide transcendent experiences, ask important questions, entertain, educate, engage and allow us to progress as societies and indeed as a species. The Arts are us – intrinsic, fundamental, and very, very important.

So for me, everything is about the Art. I hope you’ll agree and enjoy.

Love of Knitting eBook review

At the request of the publisher, here’s a short review of a recently released eBook from Love of Knitting, titled Free and Easy Lace Patterns. If you’re interested in the publication, you can find it here.

Overall, I think it’s a great, simple, clean publication. I enjoyed:
-the variety of patterns which illustrated different contexts for lace: a garment, a scarf/wrap, and an edging
-the variety of yarn weights used in the publication – it’s great to see a scarf/wrap presented in worsted weight, especially one that uses a pattern that includes features such as knupps; this promotes lace knitting as being something that can be done with yarns other than fingering or lace-weight (which are wonderful and I love working with them – but it’s great to see more variety)
-the inclusion of an edging in the publication; something traditional that is well-worth reviving; who wouldn’t love the luxury of merino wool edging on your pillow? It’s also a great way to use up a small amount of yarn left over from a larger project!
-the simplicity and clarity of the layout, as well as the patterns themselves

Things that could be considered for future lace-type publications:
-adding a chart for all the patterns: this is the one thing I missed for the Cielo Shell pattern, which I otherwise really liked for its simplicity
-when techniques like knupps are introduced, perhaps a small section on tips or tricks for executing this – sometimes knupps can be frustrating (at least the “purl 5 together” part) and anything that would help a knitter new to this would keep them motivated to complete the project.

Overall, I think the book is very good and I’ll certainly keep these patterns in mind as I look for new lace projects, as well as check out Love of Knitting.


Welcome to my re-vamped spot. It’s got a wider “view” than my previous blog, leaving room for a broader range of topics both serious and not. I’ll also try to include more photos and links.

And almost always, it will be about the art: the art in life, the art of life, the Arts, and how important their beauty, joy and transcendence really is.

Most importantly, I hope it’ll be fun!

P.S. If you’re interested in past posts, you can check things out at


Just when you thought the economic argument for the Arts was gettng old…

…it isn’t – at least in the United States. Just when Stats Can’s Performing Arts survey is on its way out due to federal government cuts, the US Bureau of Economic Analysis is working with the National Endowment for the Arts to measure the full economic impact of the Arts. It’s huge step forward.

If you’d like to read the Bloomberg article, it can be found here.

I’ve long wished for Canadian versions of the research that is available in the US on such things as Arts participation, economic impact, the measurable impact of arts activity and participation on communities, and so on. I’m going to keep wishing the governments and foundations will start to care enough to fund these, and that Canadian researchers will have the time and funding to do it.

A New Year’s Resolution, perhaps? Or a wish?

(A quick “p.s.”: Life and work have kept me away from blogging for a long while, and while they still might, I’ll continue to post when I see things like the above…or have something worthwhile to say.)

Happy International Dance Day!

Today – April 29 – is International Dance Day. Held world wide every year on the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, a French choreographer who revolutionized ballet production during the 18th Century, this day encourages all of us to engage with dance.

This year’s International Dance Day message is by Flemish Moroccan choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, and it’s incredibly relevant to all aspects of our lives.

I also highly recommend the Canadian message, put together by the Canadian Dance Assembly and authored by Yvon Soglo, Crazy Smooth.

(The above is provided with a big nod to Victoria School of the Arts’ weekly newsletter, for pointing me in this direction.)

Happy Dance Day, everyone!

Vote Arts in Alberta

There are only 9 campaigning days left in Alberta’s provincial election. I encourage everyone to cast a ballot, and, when you do, I sincerely encourage you to consider each party’s Arts platform when you do. To help with this, here are a few websites, in no particular order:

Alberta Liberal Party Election Platform – the Arts Policy is on pages 24 and 25 of this .pdf

Alberta Party Creative Industries Policy

Alberta New Democrats’ Arts Platform

Alberta Progressive Conservatives Platform – the Arts Policy is on page 32 of this .pdf

Wildrose Alliance Policy Green Book – I was unable to find a specific Arts Policy on their website, and this document does not seem to be searchable, but that could mean I missed it. I am providing a link here and will post an update if I do find anything.

There are several other, smaller parties running candidates in the provincial election and I am not aware of all of them, however, check out the following sites for further information, which is posted as it’s available:

ArtsVote Calgary

Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton (PACE)

PACE also has a facebook page and a twitter feed, so feel free to check these as well.

Again – please vote, and please consider the Arts when you do. Ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. Our society will only be richer when this happens.