Love of Knitting eBook review

At the request of the publisher, here’s a short review of a recently released eBook from Love of Knitting, titled Free and Easy Lace Patterns. If you’re interested in the publication, you can find it here.

Overall, I think it’s a great, simple, clean publication. I enjoyed:
-the variety of patterns which illustrated different contexts for lace: a garment, a scarf/wrap, and an edging
-the variety of yarn weights used in the publication – it’s great to see a scarf/wrap presented in worsted weight, especially one that uses a pattern that includes features such as knupps; this promotes lace knitting as being something that can be done with yarns other than fingering or lace-weight (which are wonderful and I love working with them – but it’s great to see more variety)
-the inclusion of an edging in the publication; something traditional that is well-worth reviving; who wouldn’t love the luxury of merino wool edging on your pillow? It’s also a great way to use up a small amount of yarn left over from a larger project!
-the simplicity and clarity of the layout, as well as the patterns themselves

Things that could be considered for future lace-type publications:
-adding a chart for all the patterns: this is the one thing I missed for the Cielo Shell pattern, which I otherwise really liked for its simplicity
-when techniques like knupps are introduced, perhaps a small section on tips or tricks for executing this – sometimes knupps can be frustrating (at least the “purl 5 together” part) and anything that would help a knitter new to this would keep them motivated to complete the project.

Overall, I think the book is very good and I’ll certainly keep these patterns in mind as I look for new lace projects, as well as check out Love of Knitting.


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